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Connemara Candles was established by Walter and Heather de Lacy in 1988 in Billamore, Oughterard, Co. Galway. Walter is by profession a geologist, who came to the west of Ireland from Dublin in 1974 as a prospector for a mining company. Originally the assignment was for eight weeks, but this stretched into two years, during which time the cottage in Billamore was acquired. Walter
The chandler's workshop and showroom
has been making candles as a hobby for over 30 years and decided to devote himself to it full time in 1987. Soon after, Connemara Candles was founded.
A sign just outside the town of Oughterard on the Galway side invites one to travel along a narrow country road towards the distant mountains. The lane winds and meanders for about 200m and leads to the chandler's cottage, a true haven of craftsmanship.
The candle factory is situated in what was once a barn, but is now a quaint little shop surrounded by flowers.
Inside there are two rooms. On the right is the workshop, containing racks of candle moulds, vats
Customers browsing in the showroom
and a stove.  In the other room the finished products are displayed: multi-coloured arrays of candles in all shapes and sizes. The candles range from cones to stars to pyramids and pillars. These in turn can be beautifully hand painted or delicately scented. Many years of experience is applied to making our candles, which are hand made and hand painted. They will not drip or create sooty smoke unless in a draught.
One of the main markets for Connemara Candles is the supply of dinner candles for hotels and restaurants. They can be coloured to match the décor of their destination as with all our candles.

To find Connemara Candles: if you're heading west, look for the Connemara Candles sign, just before you enter Oughterard, the "Gateway to Connemara".

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